Baguio, known for its cool climate and beautiful landscapes, is a top destination for tourists seeking relief from the heat of the Philippines. However, if you're a vaper planning a trip to the Summer Capital, you'll need to navigate some strict local regulations regarding vaping.


Understanding Vaping Regulations in Baguio

Vaping in public places in Baguio is restricted, aligning with efforts to maintain the city's cleanliness and public health. This means you won't be able to use your vape in most outdoor areas, restaurants, malls, or public streets. However, vaping isn't entirely off-limits in Baguio; you can still enjoy vaping in private spaces, such as your hotel room or personal accommodations.


Why Order Online from Puff Supply PH?

Given the restrictions on public vaping and the challenges in finding local vape shops in Baguio, the best way to ensure you have a smooth experience is by planning ahead. Here’s why you should consider ordering your vaping products from Puff Supply PH before your trip:


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Tips for Vaping in Baguio

If you're planning to vape during your stay in Baguio, here are a few tips to ensure you comply with local regulations and enjoy a hassle-free experience:


Vape in Private: Respect the local laws and vape only in private areas such as your hotel room or rented residences.

Be Discreet: Even in private settings, it’s considerate to vape discreetly, especially if you're sharing space with non-vapers or in family-friendly accommodations.

Stay Informed: Regulations can change, so it's wise to stay updated on local vaping laws to avoid any inconveniences or legal issues during your stay.


While Baguio’s vaping restrictions might seem daunting at first, planning ahead with Puff Supply PH can make your experience much smoother. By ordering your vape supplies in advance, you ensure that you can enjoy your vaping within the comfort of your private space, without breaking any local laws. Ready to prepare for your trip? Visit Puff Supply PH to explore our products and place your order today.